The  Community Garden Program seeks to establish community gardens across Knox County for residents who do not have access to land.  More than 25 gardens are maintained by CAC, which are located in a variety of places, from city parks to public housing communities.  

Every year we register over 150 Knox Country residents for garden plots, and provide some technical assistance as needed. Plot sizes vary by site and gardeners' needs. Interested in a community garden plot? Gardeners are also qualified for our Seed and Plant Distribution, which you can learn more about here

For more information on community gardens, call Adam Caraco at                  

(865) 254-5721 or e-mail him at adam.caraco@knoxcac.org





Garden Locations

Beacon of Hope
Cagle Terrace
Dogwood Terrace
Forestdale Garden
Friendship House
Golden Age Apt
Horizon House
Isabella Towers*
Lonsdale Homes
Love Tower
Montgomery Village
Morningside Garden*
Mountain Park Villa
Northgate Terrace*
Pleasant Tree
Ridgebrook Garden
Terrys Garden
Westview Towers

*open to the public

Community Garden Rules

  • Please maintain a neat garden.  Do not litter or allow it to become overgrown with weeds.  The garden is considered overgrown when weeds are taller than 24 inches.

  • Respect other gardeners and do not steal from their plots.  If there is a community spot then feel free to grab a vegetable.

  • Read all labels when adding fertilizer or pesticides to your garden and follow instructions.  Do not fertilize or use pesticides in any garden but your own.

  • By October 20th remove trellises, stakes, strings, or any other debris that will make tilling more difficult.

  • If there are empty spots and you would like one, contact adam.carabo@knoxcac.org for a garden application.