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All donations contribute directly to the operating budget of Beardsley Farm. Our mission keeps us creative in raising the funds to help keep the farm running.  From plant sales, to honey sales, from musical benefits to farm-to-table suppers, we work hard to ensure that Beardsley Farm can continue to provide education and fresh produce for those in need.  Your support can go a long way towards helping CAC Beardsley Community Farm accomplish our goals!

Wish List

We depend on donations and community support so that we can give back those in need in Knoxville.  CAC Beardsley Community Farm appreciates any gift of any size.  Please bear in mind that tools will be used heavily and often.  Well-crafted tools can stand up to years of use, but lower-end tools tend to break more quickly.  We ask that when you consider your donation, purchase the highest quality tools you feel you can afford and that any pre-used equipment be in good and working condition.  Every donation helps directly benefit the farm and our mission to help grow healthier communities in Knoxville. 

  • Electric weed-eater: $150-$250

  • Loppers/hand-pruners/shears: $20-$30 each

  • Sturdy work gloves: $12-$15 each

  • Chicken feed from the Farmer's Co-op: $15

  • Cat food (for our farm cat, Sassy Ann): $10

  • Organic and heirloom vegetable seeds: $2-$4/pack

  • Gift cards to Home Depot, Lowe's, Stanley's Greenhouse, Knoxville Seed and Farmer's Co-op, Overhill Gardens, Sunlight Gardens, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as Office Depot or Staples (for our office needs)!

  • We are in need of several books from children's books to informative books on specialized gardening skills. Help us build a library. Click here: for the our book wish list.


Beardsley works with a variety of businesses and charities to sponsor our events and fundraisers. We rely on support from the entire community, and we are open to building new and lasting relationships. If you are interested in learning more about how your business or organization can support Beardsley Community Farm, contact Khann Chov at (865) 546-8446 or